Camp Revive 2021 - Christ in the Psalms

WHEN: February 12-14, 2021

WHERE: Camp Tejas in Giddings, TX (

WHO: All high school and middle school students

COST: $165 per student price increases to $185 after January 25, 2021

THEME: Christ in the Psalms

SPEAKER: Adam Tyson (Pastor at Placerita Bible Church in Newhall, CA)



1. Camp Sanctuary: In order to be consistent with the guidelines we have In place at Believers Fellowship our students will be required to wear a mask unless seated inside of the sanctuary. Rows will also be spaced out as much as possible, which will help us to distance our students out. Lakeside (the church hosting camp) will not be requiring their students to wear masks or social distance in the sanctuary. They have not been requiring distancing or masks at their church since about August. Instead, they allow each person to make their own decision.

2. Camp Tejas Staff: The Tejas staff will be wearing masks and distancing while on campus.

3. Camp Meals: The Tejas staff will be spacing out the tables as much as possible in the dining area. The camp has a big dining area.

4. Bunk Houses: Since Camp Revive is going to be the only group at camp the camp staff is going to try to space out the sleeping arrangements as much as possible. Further, the BF staff can try to help kids not congregate around cabin bathrooms and other common areas.

5. Outside Activities: Masks will not be required while outside or while playing outdoor camp games.

6. Small Groups: As usual we will practice social distancing during our small group times.

7. Busses: Students will be required to wear a mask while on the bus.

8. Temperature Checks: The BF staff will be providing temperature checks before students go onto the bus. If a student begins to feel sick while at camp he or she will be taken to the camp nurse as usual. 

9. Cancellation Policy: Individuals and groups will be allowed to cancel at any time leading up to the camp without penalty.

While at camp BF students will be expected to follow the guidelines. As a staff, we will try to help the students follow these guidelines, but you should not expect that these guidelines will be followed perfectly by everyone in such an environment. The goal will not be perfection, but rather to help our students make a good overall effort. This being the case, if there are students who do not want to make such an effort then we will personally talk with them to see how we can help them follow the guidelines that we have set in place in order to make it possible for us to attend such an event.

Please make sure you register and pay by clicking on the links below. To avoid the price increase, your student's online registration and payment must be submitted by January 25th. For more information about Camp Revive visit their website:

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