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Believers Fellowship Re-Opening Plan

Dear Believers Fellowship Family,


We are looking forward to worshipping together on Sunday, May 24. In this letter, we want to give you an overview of our plan. This plan is in line with the “Guidance for Houses of Worship During the Covid-19 Crisis” put out by the Governor and State Attorney General. Also, our plan has been reviewed by our City Councilman’s Office as well as the City Attorney’s Office.


We should more accurately refer to this as a partial re-opening because we will just be having our 9:00 and 11:00 services with no Sunday School, Children’s Ministry, or other ministries we might normally have on a Sunday morning. Also, it may not be the right thing for everyone to come to a service yet. Here are some guidelines to help you with making your decision:


  • If you are in an at-risk category you probably should stay home
  • If you are sick you definitely should stay home
  • Parents need to realize that there will be no children’s ministry so your children will be seated with you during the service.
  • All services will still be live-streamed


We understand and respect that each person/family will be making their own decision on whether or not to attend. That is why we are calling this a partial re-opening. We realize it will still be some time before we can meet again as we did before the crisis.


Without going into unnecessary detail, let me give you a picture of what it will be like this Sunday at Believers Fellowship. Let me assure you that we are taking every cleaning, sanitizing, and safety step necessary in consideration of your health.


We would recommend that you wear a mask as you approach the building.


When you arrive at the worship center you will be greeted at the door by someone who will open the door for you thus minimizing any contact.


In the lobby, you will be welcomed and given brief instructions. You will also be made aware of where hand sanitizer is available.

Upon entering the sanctuary, you will immediately notice that we have removed every other row in compliance with the state guidelines. Also, we must maintain 2 empty chairs in between every family or individual (unless the individuals rode to church together), therefore an usher will direct you to your seats so that we can maximize our space.


Because the space is limited, we have set up an overflow room where the procedures will be the same as in the sanctuary.


Once you are seated you can feel free to remove your mask because, at this point, we will all be properly distanced from each other.


The music, Scripture Reading, prayer, and preaching will be what we are accustomed to. However, the service will be about one hour long as they have been for our Livestream only services. This is because there will be children in the service (parents you should plan to bring some things for your children and our children’s ministry will be providing ideas for you), to minimize the need for restroom use, and to allow sufficient time in between services to clean and sanitize everything in preparation for the next service.


At the conclusion of the service, you will be dismissed by rows to help maintain distancing. Once you are outside you can feel free to visit with one another.


This probably sounds more regimented than it actually will be. I expect the atmosphere will be similar to our regular services and we will have the joy of meeting and worshipping together.


The church exists and we meet for the purpose of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ. We look forward to the opportunity we have to do this coming up on May 24.


In His Service,

Pastor Blakey

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