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A Bible Teaching Church

Sunday Services:
9 A.M. & 11 A.M. 
Office Hours: 
Mon. - Fri., 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. 

Church Address

13714 Lookout Rd

San Antonio, TX 78233

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Believers Fellowship Covid-19 Guidelines

In order to comply with the local and state guidelines and in the interest of everyone’s physical safety, we have instituted the following guidelines for our services:

1. We have removed every other row of chairs in order to establish 6 feet between rows. Families and those who travel to church together may sit together and there will be 2 empty seats between every family unit or individual and others.

2. We have hand sanitizer by every entrance/exit and we have soap dispensers available in the restrooms for washing and sanitizing our hands.

3. Greeters wearing masks and gloves will open the entrance doors. Ushers wearing masks will direct everyone to their seats.

4. We request that everyone wear a mask as they enter the building and when they exit the building and all the time in the building except when you are in your seat. Once you are outside of the building you may remove your mask if you are able to maintain 6 feet between yourself and everyone not in your family.

5. At the end of the service everyone will be dismissed by row in order to maintain appropriate physical distancing.

6. We sanitize the chairs and the surfaces in the lobby and restrooms in between the 2 morning services. Additionally, the whole campus is sanitized twice a week.

7. Until we are able to again have children’s ministries, parents are requested to supervise their children before, during and after the service.

8. The services have been shortened in order to sanitize in between services, minimize restroom usage, and to help families with younger children.

Thank you for complying with these guidelines. This system has and will work well as long as we all observe these simple steps.

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