Madagascar 3M

Serving in Antananarivo, Madagascar

Faly and Lily, along with their five children, Daniel, Samuel, Emmanuelle, Gabrielle, and Rachel, are missionaries to their home country of Madagascar. 

RavoahangyFamily_sqFaly is a teaching elder at their home church, Ankadivato Biblical Baptist Church, where they serve by providing discipleship and oversight for the ministries to men and youth. Faly teaches local pastors through modular training and seminars, helping them increase their biblical knowledge and teaching skills. Ultimately, they hope to establish a seminary to train men in expository preaching in Madagascar. Faly earned his Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary.

madagascar_3mFaly's aim to train pastors has a focus on three roles which lie at the heart of their calling, which is the motivation of the ministry name Madagascar 3M when taken from the Malagasy words:

  • mpitoriteny (preacher)
  • mpitandrina (shepherd)
  • mpanompo (slave)

For more information about their ministry or how to provide support please contact the Believers Fellowship Missions Committee or Grace Ministries International.