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Sunday School Resources

Now that we have re-opened our children's Sunday School, we will no longer be regularly producing Sunday School videos. However, you can enjoy our previous videos below:


Lesson Primary Lights
Lesson 32: Esther  
Lesson 31: Jonah
Review of Kings
Lesson 30: God Punishes Judah
Lesson 29: God is Glorified by Protecting Judah ;  
Lesson 28: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
Lesson 27: God Punishes Jeroboam
Lesson 26: God Punishes Solomon
Lesson 25: God's Glory Fills the Temple
Lesson 24: God Gives Solomon Wisdom
Review: Samuel
Lesson 23: God Forgives David
Lesson 22: God Makes a Covenant with David
Lesson 21: God Makes David King
Lesson 20: God Judges Between David and Saul
Lesson 19: God Gives David a Friend
Lesson 18: David Fights for God's Honor
Lesson 17: God Sees David's Heart
Lesson 16: Saul Disobeys God
Lesson 15: Israel Rejects as King
Lesson 14: God Gives Israel a Prophet and Judge
Lesson 13: God's Sovereignty in the Book of Ruth
Lesson 12: God Uses Samson to Deliver Israel
Easter Lesson 3: The Son of Man is Resurrected &
Easter Lesson 2: The Son of Man is Crucified
Easter Lesson 1: The Son of Man Anticipates His Death
Lesson 11: God Uses Gideon to Deliver Israel


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