Adult Ministry

Our adult ministry page will inform you of multiple ministry opportunities within our church. If you have questions or would like more information regarding the ministries of our church please contact the church office at (210) 656-2000.

Adult Bible Class

Due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus, Sunday School is currently postponed until further notice.

Normally, Adult Bible Class is available for both 9 A.M. and 11 A.M. times. Both classes will take place in the Fellowship Hall. 

9 A.M.

9 A.M. Sunday School will be taught and led by Bruce Mrachek and Josh Stanley as they cover the topic "How to Grow".

11 A.M.

11 A.M. Sunday school will be led and taught by Art Wachdorf. The current topic is an Old Testament Survey.


Fellowship Groups

As we have moved to two services, we now meet for weekly Fellowship Groups. The purpose is to have a deeper study of the Sunday sermon and apply what was taught that week while experiencing accountability from the group and the leaders. We are excited to grow as a body as we have weekly opportunities to dive further into the word together!

Click here to view the allotted time and location for each group.

Click here to sign up for a fellowship group.