Daily Bible Reading (Thursday, February 15th)


Mark 6 (ESV)


Jesus Rejected at Nazareth

He went away from there and came to his hometown, and his disciples followed him. And on the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astonished, saying, “Where did this man get these things? What is the wisdom given to him? How are such mighty works done by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him. And Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household.” And he could do no mighty work there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them. And he marveled because of their unbelief.

And he went about among the villages teaching.

Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles

And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two, and gave them authority over the unclean spirits. He charged them to take nothing for their journey except a staff—no bread, no bag, no money in their belts— but to wear sandals and not put on two tunics.[a] 10 And he said to them, “Whenever you enter a house, stay there until you depart from there. 11 And if any place will not receive you and they will not listen to you, when you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them.” 12 So they went out and proclaimed that people should repent. 13 And they cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them.

The Death of John the Baptist

14 King Herod heard of it, for Jesus'[b] name had become known. Some[c] said, “John the Baptist[d] has been raised from the dead. That is why these miraculous powers are at work in him.” 15 But others said, “He is Elijah.” And others said, “He is a prophet, like one of the prophets of old.” 16 But when Herod heard of it, he said, “John, whom I beheaded, has been raised.” 17 For it was Herod who had sent and seized John and bound him in prison for the sake of Herodias, his brother Philip's wife, because he had married her. 18 For John had been saying to Herod, “It is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife.” 19 And Herodias had a grudge against him and wanted to put him to death. But she could not, 20 for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a righteous and holy man, and he kept him safe. When he heard him, he was greatly perplexed, and yet he heard him gladly.

21 But an opportunity came when Herod on his birthday gave a banquet for his nobles and military commanders and the leading men of Galilee. 22 For when Herodias's daughter came in and danced, she pleased Herod and his guests. And the king said to the girl, “Ask me for whatever you wish, and I will give it to you.”23 And he vowed to her, “Whatever you ask me, I will give you, up to half of my kingdom.” 24 And she went out and said to her mother, “For what should I ask?” And she said, “The head of John the Baptist.” 25 And she came in immediately with haste to the king and asked, saying, “I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter.” 26 And the king was exceedingly sorry, but because of his oaths and his guests he did not want to break his word to her.27 And immediately the king sent an executioner with orders to bring John's[e]head. He went and beheaded him in the prison 28 and brought his head on a platter and gave it to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother. 29 When his disciples heard of it, they came and took his body and laid it in a tomb.

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

30 The apostles returned to Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught.31 And he said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.” For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.32 And they went away in the boat to a desolate place by themselves. 33 Now many saw them going and recognized them, and they ran there on foot from all the towns and got there ahead of them. 34 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things. 35 And when it grew late, his disciples came to him and said, “This is a desolate place, and the hour is now late.36 Send them away to go into the surrounding countryside and villages and buy themselves something to eat.” 37 But he answered them, “You give them something to eat.” And they said to him, “Shall we go and buy two hundred denarii[f] worth of bread and give it to them to eat?” 38 And he said to them, “How many loaves do you have? Go and see.” And when they had found out, they said, “Five, and two fish.” 39 Then he commanded them all to sit down in groups on the green grass. 40 So they sat down in groups, by hundreds and by fifties. 41 And taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and said a blessing and broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples to set before the people. And he divided the two fish among them all. 42 And they all ate and were satisfied.43 And they took up twelve baskets full of broken pieces and of the fish. 44 And those who ate the loaves were five thousand men.

Jesus Walks on the Water

45 Immediately he made his disciples get into the boat and go before him to the other side, to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd. 46 And after he had taken leave of them, he went up on the mountain to pray. 47 And when evening came, the boat was out on the sea, and he was alone on the land. 48 And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. And about the fourth watch of the night[g] he came to them, walking on the sea. He meant to pass by them, 49 but when they saw him walking on the sea they thought it was a ghost, and cried out, 50 for they all saw him and were terrified. But immediately he spoke to them and said, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.” 51 And he got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased. And they were utterly astounded, 52 for they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.

Jesus Heals the Sick in Gennesaret

53 When they had crossed over, they came to land at Gennesaret and moored to the shore. 54 And when they got out of the boat, the people immediately recognized him 55 and ran about the whole region and began to bring the sick people on their beds to wherever they heard he was. 56 And wherever he came, in villages, cities, or countryside, they laid the sick in the marketplaces and implored him that they might touch even the fringe of his garment. And as many as touched it were made well.


  1. Mark 6:9 Greek chiton, a long garment worn under the cloak next to the skin
  2. Mark 6:14 Greek his
  3. Mark 6:14 Some manuscripts He
  4. Mark 6:14 Greek baptizer; also verse 24
  5. Mark 6:27 Greek his
  6. Mark 6:37 denarius was a day's wage for a laborer
  7. Mark 6:48 That is, between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.


I hear you Tony. Reminds me of Ezekiel 36:26. Thank you Jesus.

It is through the heart that we can see the truths about the Christ. Many people saw miracles and even others close up miracles like the feeding of the five thousand, but many didn't believe in him. Even the disciples had harden hearts like the time when Jesus was walking on the water, but the Christ was in the middle of all of them doing miracles and leading his own to eternal life. It doesn't matter if we were living then at that time and seeing Jesus doing miracles and preaching truth or now when we haven't seen Jesus physically doing miracles and preacing truth, its through the heart that we believe in Him by His eternal truth

How often do we make a foolish oath/promise and then find ourselves having to defend our pride because of the foolish oath and then we choose prIde over righteousness? Herod found himself in that dilemma. prIde won in Herod's moment to do right. Of what do our words and actions testify? Let us wisely speak and act in righteousness for Christ.

I love the theme of astonishment that runs through Mark. Jesus heals. Astonishment! Jesus speaks. Astonishment! From there the questions start coming: "Where did this man get these things? What is the wisdom given to him? How are such mighty works done by his hands (v. 2)? There can only be one answer. Jesus is the Son of God; the long awaited Messiah! May we never stop marveling!

What a compassionate Savior we have. In v. 31 it says that "they had no leisure even to eat." He and his disciples were tired and hungry, yet when He saw the crowd, he had compassion for them and feed them. In some ways, this passage convicts my own soul. I pray I would have the same level of compassion for the lost that Jesus had and that I wouldn't use leisure or hunger as an excuse.

20 for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a righteous and holy man, and he kept him safe. When he heard him, he was greatly perplexed, and yet he heard him gladly.

This verse caught my attention this morning. I have had occasion to speak to people who, like Herod, enjoy the conversation/contemplation on spiritual matters and seem to be eager to hear more, but (just as we see with Herod) when it comes to their own lives, they wont make a commitment to the truth.

Theme Summary: Jesus marveled at the unbelief of those who were of his hometown and relatives, who took offense at him (like the Israelites had taken offense at Moses). Jesus sent out the disciples two by two, with authority over unclean spirits, which they did while proclaiming that people should repent. King Herod heard of the works of Jesus and believed him to be John the Baptist, whom he had gladly listed to but then had killed. Jesus and the disciples tried to go to a desolate place to rest after these things, but crowds came out to meet him and so he had compassion on them, teaching them and miraculously feeding them in the wilderness like God had fed the Israelites with Moses. Jesus walks on the water, and the disciples are astounded and utterly confused about the miracle of the loaves, and their hearts were hardened (much like the Israelites in the wilderness had their own hearts hardened).

What's amazing in this passage is that despite all that Jesus is doing, people keep underestimating Him. It doesn't matter if it is the people in His hometown or the disciples. Jesus miraculously feeds the 5,000 but the disciples were so caught up in themselves and their situation that when Jesus appears, walking on the water, they think it is a ghost. They missed the point of the earlier miracle so they misjudged Jesus - their hearts being hardened to the truth because they would not accept what was right in front of them. How often we do the same thing. We can take Christ for granted with our hearts hardened to the truth because we are too caught up in ourselves I am praying that today my eyes will be opened to all that Christ is..

Correction- That footnote for verse 52 was actually about the remark, “for they did not understand about the loaves.”

Regarding the hardening if hearts, my bible footnote says, “ This remark suggest that the miracle of the feeding contains the same mystery concerning Jesus as does His walking on water. Jesus, as to His humanity, is indeed the new Moses. But He is also, and at the same time, the God who provided bread from heaven. (Ex:16:4)

Verse 29 says that John the Baptist’s disciples took his body and laid it in a tomb. Since John the Baptist preached Jesus as Lord, these disciples must have also become followers of Christ. We are privileged to tell the world the Good News which is in Christ.

I think it is very telling that as Jesus comes in to an area everyone gets excited and starts bringing their sick to be healed, very few come and asks him to them them more about his Kingdom, or what they must do to be saved. I think we see a similar pattern in our day. Many will listen to the Word and say they believe, hoping that they will receive a better life, but few will repent and follow Christ regardless of the cost in this life.

Christ's compassion is boundless! Even when Jesus took his disciples to a secluded spot to get some rest and food He had compassion on the crowd and hence the feeding of the 5,000. And then He still had compassion on the continuous stream of sick or disabled who were being brought to him. What an amazing example of what we are called to! Lord, give me Christ like compassion for others... Compassion that sees another's needs and willingly serves.

I also found vs. 52 confusing. It says the disciples hearts were hardened after the incident of the 5,000 and the walking on water. Yet the disciples didn't walk away from Christ; so, what is the passage saying?

In this chapter I am once again reminded at how futile my own faith is and how compassionate Jesus is for others. I often relate to the disciples, wondering how in the world His work will be accomplished. God increase my faith, give me a heart and mind for others so that I may serve them well. I pray that you would bless my human efforts. Thank you Lord for your son and the work he did on earth!

I love the intentional discipleship Jesus did with the apostles—work and learn. I pray we would be just as intentional. Any thoughts on why the apostles’ hearts were hardened to not understand about the loaves? Did they harden their hearts, or is this God hardening their hearts in His perfect timing (they would understand after Jesus’ ressurection)? And what did they not understand about the loaves? Thanks in advance. I love my church family!

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